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Electrically Insulating technical footwear from Spanish brand Robusta




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    ROBUSTA ENEBRO DIELECTRIC SHOES 92180 Electrically Insulating Footwear. Low safety shoe, padded collar, bellows tongue and tongue with anti-static, with polyurethane midsole and dielectric rubber outsole. SB+P+E+CI+HI+WRU+HRO+FO+SRC (EN ISO 20345:2011) DIRECTIVE 89/686/EEC. EU REGULATION 2016/425. REQUIREMENTS SATISFIED. Ergonomics and adjustment to the user’s shape. Impact resistant (200 joules). Dielectric footwear. Energy absorption in the heel. Penetration resistant. Oil resistant. Slip resistance. Resistance to water absorption and penetration. Cold insulation. Heat insulation. Resistance to hot contact. Slip resistant. Resistance to nonextreme environmental factors under expected conditions of use. This shoe has been tested as per the ANSI Z41 and ASTM F2413-05 American standards to ensure the footwear is shock-proof. Specifically, when voltages of 14,000 and 18,000 volts at a 60-Hz frequency are applied for one minute, the current is below 1 mA under the conditions described in said standards. The materials from which it is made are safe and do not affect the safety or health of the user. They pose no risks or discomfort under expected conditions of use. The materials from which it is made and the parts of the footwear that are or may come in contact with the user wearing it have no rough surfaces, sharp edges, points or protrusions that may cause injury or excessive irritation. These materials or their breakdown products do not affect the safety or health of users. The adjustment system cannot be accidentally loosened under expected conditions of use; the footwear is tightened and loosened by using laces, no tools are necessary. The design makes it easy for the user to put on, and takes into account environmental factors and the actions and postures involved; the fit is adapted to the user’s shape, including a variety of manufacturing sizes. The footwear is designed to let the foot breathe naturally and to absorb perspiration. The liners are designed to absorb sweat and perspiration. The model meets specific requirements to offer adequate protection against expected hazards and to resist environmental factors under expected conditions of use. The date of manufacture is stamped on the footwear (sole); the batch number for tracing purposes is marked on the label on the upper and the label on the packaging box (pair). Dielectric, nitrile rubber sole, biomechanical, non-slip design with anti-tip pads (anti-torsion system). Improves dynamic adaptation over previous model by at least 15% (half-foot torsion and torsion of metatarsals). Provides greater absorption of forces in impact phase, step stability/uniformity and pronation control while walking. Please email to order any other sizes

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