Viking Safety Clothing Dumfries

Viking Multi Hazard Clothing by Sparks Workwear
Viking Multi Hazard Clothing by Sparks Workwear

Viking Rubber Co. A/S is a family owned company, established in Denmark 1935.
Produced quality wear for the Fishing industry, and as the company grew, they began making work and rainwear for far more industries. Now they see a still growing need for wind and waterproof apparel, therefor they produce and develop better and stronger rain and work wear, for the company that believes in quality just as they do. In 1975 Svend Aage Andersen bought Viking Rubber Company A/S, and right after, they began the first export to England, now they export approximately 90 % of what they produce, from our Factories in Vietnam.

In 2004 they established partnership with a textile factory in Ho Chi Minth City. Since 2010 they have owned 100% of Viking Vietnam ltd. The ownership of our Vietnamese factory makes us particularly flexible. And that is exactly one of our 5 values. At the moment they have 450 employees in our Factory in Vietnam.

In Denmark they have designers which are working very close together with our customers, to ensure the absolute best outcome. Viking Rubber Team in Denmark work hard each day to make sure the customers get the exact product that was ordered, and they are available during the process from begin to the end.

Our newest collection is called Evolution 35, or EVO35. they are very proud of this new collection, with which they have moved the boundaries for work wear, as it has a twist of fashion, and is of very high quality.

All Our Values is listed underneath:

  • Flexibility
  • The costumer is most important
  • Reliability
  • Social responsibility
  • High quality